Allergies & Asthma

Allergies affect nearly 20% of Americans and asthma affects an estimated 17 million people in the U.S. alone. This causes misery to many of us and our children. Allergic reactions are caused by substances in the environment known as allergens.

Almost anything can be an allergen for someone. Many of the most common allergens can be both removed by professional carpet cleaning, such as walked in pollens from trees and grasses, house dust mites and their waste, molds, and pet hair. Unfortunately however, many Industrial and household chemicals, such as varieties
used in professional carpet cleaning are also major allergens contributing to very poor indoor air quality and chemical sensitivity.

We, at Renaissance Carpet Cleaning offer a service that corrects the problem. Our services use a completely new, unique combination of natural substances which eliminate all air allergens, such as mite excrement, pollen, animal hair, and mold spores. This method creates, to the greatest possible extent, rooms that become allergen-free. Meaning that hay fever, watery / runny eyes, neuro-dermatitis and asthma cause by air allergens can now be effectively combated. And with no need to get rid of carpets, upholstery or pets.

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